Safeguarding work is a core element of Prevent and safeguarding vulnerable people from radicalisation is no different from safeguarding them from other forms of harm. All safeguarding referrals are handled through the local authority Prevent Front Door, which is the Prevent triaging process. It is here that a decision is made regarding suitability for Prevent consideration.

Should Prevent-related concerns be identified, the Prevent Front Door will signpost the referral to either the Prevent Safeguarding Board (PSB) or Channel Panel for consideration.  In instances where a referral is deemed to be mistaken, misguided or malicious, the Prevent Front Door will either close the case and minute it as such or signpost it to another service where relevant. Where appropriate, the team conducts virtual communications with police and safeguarding practitioner colleagues to discuss cases in response to incidents or new information.

The Prevent Safeguarding Board is a multi-agency safeguarding board, which conducts fortnightly assessments and considers voluntary support options regarding referrals which are not deemed suitable for Channel. This includes referrals where further information is required and referrals regarding institutions. The PSB can provide support and interventions for both individuals and institutions that have not been accepted as formal Channel cases, or can escalate certain cases to Channel should circumstances change.

Channel is a multi-agency safeguarding board managed by the local authority Prevent team. Channel assesses cases where individuals are deemed potentially vulnerable to radicalisation. After an assessment is made, the panel can either provide support to the individual concerned or, in cases where it does not relate to radicalisation, refer the case to other safeguarding bodies as needed. The panel may also deem that no further action is appropriate as no risk of radicalisation has been identified.

The local authority Prevent team receives referrals from individuals drawn towards all forms of extremism from across the extremism spectrum.