Prevent Advisory Group (PAG)

Our monthly PAG meeting, which is chaired by the LBHF/RBKC Prevent team, continues to help increase cooperation across numerous community concerns, rather than focusing solely on counter-radicalisation and extremism.

8 January 2019

During this meeting members received an update on the work that Marylebone Cricket Club, a community organisation which aims to improve the wellbeing and cohesion within communities through sport, undertakes. PAG members also received a nutrition workshop, delivered by the local authority. There was a discussion on the importance of healthy eating, which members noted needs to be more readily available. Community members discussed the possibility of partnership working in this area in future, with multiple PAG members showing interest.

1 November 2018

In November, members were briefed by Key 4 Life, an organisation which operates a 7-step model to reduce rates of youth re-offending. Key 4 Life discussed the work they do with 18-27-year olds, and the preventative programme they have recently started in West London. Community members were briefed on the work undertaken to increase the employability skills of ex-offenders, including CV workshops, interview techniques and direct mentorship. Prisoner mental health was raised by community members and there was discussion about the ways in which to tackle the issue.

4 October 2018

Members received a briefing from stop the Traffik’s Modern Slavery, Exploitation and Partnerships officer, who explained Stop the Traffik’s role in increasing awareness of human trafficking, which affects an estimated 13,000 people in the UK alone. Stop the Traffik also discussed how to recognise signs of trafficking, and what actions can be taken when trafficking is identified. Community members requested training by Stop the Traffik for their organisations and staff, in order to maximise community awareness.